Top 5 Must Have Apps in your new Android Phone

Top 5 Must Have Apps in your new Android Phone

Are you new to Android phones and are confused about which apps to start with on your phone? in this article we are listing 5 of the most needed apps that you can install on your phone right now and improve your experience of having an Android Phone.

Must have Android Apps

Top 5 Android Apps

  1. ShareIt: Shareit is an app that lets you share and receive files with other smartphones and even PC. If you try to transfer files using the traditional Bluetooth method, it will take you hours to transfer even small files for which ShareIt just takes some seconds to complete the Job. having ShareIt on your phone saves lots of your time and energy.
  2. MX player: MX player is the best Video player available for Android phones, the best part of MX player is that it supports playing all the video formats and audio formats. The default Android player can’t play some of the formats like MKV, which runs smoothly on MX player. If smooth entertainment is a concern for you, then you must Install MX player on your phone.
  3. Whatsapp: Whatsapp is the messaging app, and I am sure that you have heard about Whatsapp before. Whatsapp lets you Message, Call and video call other WhatsApp users through the internet. You don’t have to spend your money sending SMS to your friends, you can just communicate with your friends easily using Whatsapp.
  4. Inshorts: Inshorts is an app that notifies you about every important news in the sectors you are interested in, apart from consuming entertainment in your Android phone, you can also gain lots of knowledge about current affairs if you have this app.
  5. Truecaller: There are lots of time when we get calls from strangers and we have no data about them, But with Truecaller no Phone number is private, as soon as you get a call Truecaller will search its database and display the original name of the caller. And it also helps you in detecting unwanted spam calls before even attending. And I would say that this is a must-have app in your phone.


Install these apps on your new Android phone and get a head start to useful usage of your device. If you are looking for more new techniques and tips that you should follow to keep your Android phone safe, visit Maemoproject regularly.

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